mimik technology closes $14.3 million extended series A funding round led by Pier88

mimik’s hybrid edgeCloud platform is poised to revolutionize the delivery of microservices for applications in industries such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and banking San Francisco, November 3, 2021: mimik Technology, Inc., a pioneer in hybrid edge cloud technology and business solutions, today announced a $14.3 million Series A funding round led by Pier 88 […]

Convertibles: Equity Participation with Better Sharpe

Investment bankers have been busy the last several years shepherding in a wave of financing via IPOs, secondaries, debt refinancing, and now SPACs. Given the lower rate environment, companies have gravitated to convertible bonds as a less expensive way than straight equity to raise capital. Many investors are unfamiliar with the convertible bond asset class […]

Risk Management Strategy—Lake Geneva

Recent headlines on some high-profile short squeezes have caused some investors to contemplate the wisdom of shorting individual names. Our investment team has avoided single stock shorts since the inception of the Lake Geneva Fund Strategy, as we do not believe it remains an effective risk management tool for our strategy for multiple reasons. First, […]

Growth Investing Utilizing Convertibles

Healthcare spending is becoming a larger share of GDP and an increasingly important sector of the economy to watch. Representing almost 20% of the economy and expanding over the foreseeable future, healthcare is a growth industry presenting opportunities and risks for investors. Convertible bonds may offer an attractive way for investors to capitalize on this […]

Interview with former Chairman of Microsoft Europe on Innovation and Corporate Cultures

As part of our fundamental research process, we met with over 20 companies during the quarter across technology, healthcare, consumer and financial technology. We also had the opportunity to interview the former Chairman of Microsoft Europe, Jan Mühlfeit, on innovation and corporate cultures. In our view, an organization’s culture significantly impacts the performance of that […]

The Price of Innovation: M&A is the New R&D

Technology companies allocate billions of dollars into research in the hope of driving innovation. Over the last two decades the costs have sky-rocketed and companies are accelerating investments to stay ahead of the competition. Many management teams have decided to augment R&D by looking externally and are acquiring pioneering companies. Some investors have pondered whether […]