One Disciplined Strategy; Three Unique Products

Lake Geneva Strategy

The Lake Geneva Strategy is focused on identifying strategic companies and disruptive innovators, primarily in the small/mid-cap growth space. The strategy is exposed to public equities and convertible bonds on an individual issuer basis. It employs ETF shorting, strategic cash positioning and option hedges for risk management. Lake Geneva’s principals seek to take advantage of the consolidation cycle in a slower growth economy by employing long term investment theses. The strategy seeks to identify innovative assets which will be deemed strategic to larger industry players. The investment team employs a private equity approach to the public markets using duration of time as an advantage to those with shorter-term horizons.

Lake Geneva Long-Only Strategy

For investors that prefer to manage portfolio risk through other vehicles, the Lake Geneva Long-Only strategy seeks to replicate the investment philosophy of the Lake Geneva strategy through an unhedged offering. This strategy invests in public equities on an individual issuer basis and can utilize strategic cash positioning for risk management. Unlike the Lake Geneva strategy, it will not employ ETF shorting or option hedges. The Lake Geneva Long-Only strategy will remain consistent to the Lake Geneva strategy investment thesis focused on identifying strategic, small/mid cap companies primarily in the technology sector.

Lake Como Convertible Bond Strategy

The Lake Como Convertible Bond Strategy offers the prospect of capital appreciation and yield with the target of competitive returns relative to the equity market. Convertible bonds have historically offered equity participation with downside market protection. The investment team approaches investment decisions from an equity perspective given that historically delta, or equity sensitivity, has been the primary driver of returns of the asset class. The team establishes a view on the intrinsic value of a business and then examines the overall capital structure of that asset to identify potential mispricing. A top-down market analysis and an understanding the current economic cycle will then impact the net exposure level of the strategy. The strategy has exposure to companies of all market capitalizations across diversified industry sectors.