The Price of Innovation: M&A is the New R&D

Technology companies allocate billions of dollars into research in the hope of driving innovation. Over the last two decades the costs have sky-rocketed and companies are accelerating investments to stay ahead of the competition. Many management teams have decided to augment R&D by looking externally and are acquiring pioneering companies. Some investors have pondered whether […]

Convertibles: Equity Participation with Better Sharpe

The Pier 88 Investment Team suggest investment grade convertible securities as an interesting investment opportunity in the current market environment as they provide the potential for equity participation with downside protection. The investment grade convertible securities universe is well diversified across industry sectors, geographic regions and market caps. It also offers a current yield that […]

Sean Aurigemma Joins PIER 88

SAN FRANCISCO, October 1, 2018 PIER 88 Investment Partners, an independent boutique asset management firm is pleased to announce that Sean J. Aurigemma has joined the firm as Partner & Portfolio Manager. In that role, he will serve alongside Frank Timons CEO and CIO for both the firm’s flagship equity and convertible bond strategies. “I […]

Crowded Trades in Technology

Much has been written in the media describing the strong momentum behind mega cap technology stocks. In this paper, we dissect some of the contributors underlying this momentum, while also suggesting theremay be better long-term risk/reward opportunities in other areas of technology. We attribute much of the performance for these names to strong fundamentals, asset […]